My Canine Companion

I’ve done a fair bit of traveling and exploring in the past year, but for the most part by myself.  I kinda force myself to do it because if I wait for someone to keep me company I’ll be staying at home forever.

So my SO broke down and agreed to accompany me to the animal shelter to find a camping/traveling companion of the canine variety.  We found several candidates, but Kili was seemed to be the one who needed me most.

Kilick or Kili as we call him (Key lick or Key Lee) is an Australian Cattle Dog “mix” according to the shelter.  He’s 17 months old and around 40 lbs.  Not sure what he is mixed with… my guess is Basenji?  Who knows….maybe one of these days I’ll think it’s important enough to do one of those DNA tests.  But for now I am just enjoying him.  He is loving and calm and has become attached to me with a metaphysical “rubber band”.
Boppy the toy poodle

Boppy the toy poodle

My previous dog was a toy poodle and while cute and adorable, he was high strung, yappy, didn’t travel well, hated bathing, or basically anything but sitting at home.  So while we all loved him, he wasn’t really an easy dog or fun dog per se.  He became sick after 14 years with us and passed about a year and a half ago.

I have yet to hear Kili bark….he has growled a few times while going for a walk when we encounter a large dog.  But that’s pretty much it for vocalizations.  Maybe a whine or two if I leave the house without him or when I put him in his crate at night.  But nothing lasting or annoying.  He endures showers with no fussing.  LOVES to walk and stays right with me.  Goes in his crate at night in my bedroom and is quiet the whole night.  What more could I ask for?

Okay, enough gushing.  Just wanted to get this down before I put it off like all the other traveling entries I’ve not posted.  Hopefully I can get a few of those up here in the next few days.

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