City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico

On the way back from RTR and visiting my brother and sister in law, I stopped at City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico, north of  I-10 between the border of AZ/NM and Las Cruces.  It turned out to be a tiny bit of a let down, but still well worth the side trip!

On the 1/2 hour drive from Deming and I-10 things were mostly flat so I couldn’t image where this City of Rocks could be.  Basically it’s pretty well hidden until you come right up on it.  Pretty awesome actually.  A bit smaller than I expected, but not too small.  A decent bike ride.

All the electric sites were taken so I just drove around until I found a level open site.
My campsite was really nice.  Beautiful views!
Another really neat feature of this state park is that all the campsites and places were given astronomical names.  My site as the “Crab” I’m assuming from either Crab nebula or a zodiac sign.
Here are a few more pics and to view them all you can check out the album.
I managed to get there on a night that they were having a “star party” so that was an added bonus.  They have their own observatory!  I think it was a 16″ scope inside.  The volunteer from Silver City Astronomical Society also brought his own 60mm alt az for us to look around with.
Unfortunately he had to leave shortly after 8pm and the supernova only was barely visible at that time.  Since the position of the supernova was behind some rocks we never did get to see it that night.  But other than that, it was really a good presentation by him and fun to look through the large scope.
Then I had the fun experience of walking back to my campsite through the maze of rock structures!  That was scary and awesome all at the same time!  But I did finally make it all in one piece.  Yay!
I’d recommend this place to anyone for at least one night, maybe more.
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