Tennessee in November

My little Jeep that could

DS and I are in Tennessee this November and December for the Amazon Camperforce.  Kinda excited and kinda worried all at the same time.  Got the new trailer situated at the campground and have spent the past 2 days getting acclimated to where everything is located.  Finally got the directv to work correctly with the tv.  Satellite was pointed right, but fuzzy picture with the coax.  Perfect pic with composite cables.  Go figure.  Had to get our jetpack replaced cause sitting right next to the phone which got 4G, 4 bars the jetpack was showing no signal.  Even with a reset, and a new sim card.  So we are waiting for that to come in next week.

Other than the crushing humidity, 75 degree in November weather, all cloudy skies, and beautiful greenery everywhere, it’s just like Colorado.  Forecast for tomorrow is rain… sad day.  Also our orientation day for Amazon.

I left Kili home since this is going to be a hard working trip and not a time where I can spend time with him.  Joel says he’s moping around.  I hope he cheers up soon, but at the same time I don’t want him to forget me!

Anyone know what the deal is with the seizure producing red traffic lights here in Tennessee?  This picture isn’t the best but I think you can see that the middle red light is different.  It has a strobe effect in real life.  DS supposes they are an epilepsy test. 

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