A Trip for a New Year

Kili and I left our snowy home for warmer temps Jan 3rd in the afternoon.  Made it over Raton Pass in relatively nice weather and hunkered down for the night at the first rest stop after Raton.  It was very cold and windy, but we were nice and warm in the trailer.  Watched an Amazon prime movie I’d downloaded and got some sleep.

Up early Wed. morning and off to the next gas station to get gas – Exit 419 – why does that place not fix their darned printers on the tanks?  EVERY single time I stop there, months apart, I have to go inside for the receipt and invariably they are chatting with a customer and making me wait for a lousy receipt until they finish they gabfest.  Grrrrr.

Got all the way to Tucson for the night.  What a long drive!  It was a constant battle between — do I want to get where I’m going faster? or stop less often to get gas?  6mpg if I went 75 mph or 10mpg if I went 65 mph…  Ending up going fast for the first couple tanks and then slowing it down the last tank.

Cactus Country RV Resort 10195 S. Houghton Road, Tucson, AZ 520-574-3000

Stopped at a pretty nice RV “Resort” on the south side of Tucson.  Everyone was very friendly and Kili loved the dog park they had where he could run free.  I made reservations at the campground while we were stopped for gas at Truth or Consequences, NM.

Dog Park in the background left

He’s intently focused on the dogs in the dog park and upset with me that I won’t let him bark at them.


I hurriedly hooked up water and electric when we got there at 7:30pm.  And let me tell you with hands that don’t seem to have as much strength anymore it was a trial.  Finally remembered the plumbers pipe wrench I had and that made all the difference in tightening connections so there wouldn’t be water spraying all over.  And mind you this was in the dark.   Managed to fill the hot water tank and got that heating so shower was a nice thing!




And since Kili was such a good traveling companion (ie, he slept most of the way and didn’t fuss too much) he was owed a nice long walk and play time in the dog park.  So ended up getting to sleep fairly late for us when we travel, as in 11pm.

You can see the dog park in the background. There were dogs in there and I didn’t want to deal with Kili possibly having “issues”


Slept in, sort of, on Thursday morning and proceeded to finish dewinterizing the trailer.


American Girl Mine










Ended the day at American Girl Mine just over the border into California from Yuma.  It’s wide open BLM land that tends to start getting crowded as the winter progresses.  Nice and sparsely populated now.  The weather was a nice 70F and cooled down (LOL) to the 50s overnight.  Love it!



Beautiful sunset and met with friends who were already set up.  Fed Kili after he had his walk and romp and he practically inhaled it, looking up at me as if to say, “that’s it?”  Time for treats for an awesome dog!








We’re in the foreground. K&D are in the trailer across the road.


It might look like we are close but it’s a fair distance between the two trailers.  K has solar panels AND a windmill!  So he has power generating even at night if it’s windy.  And there is usually at least some wind.  Overnight it started what seemed like gale force winds!  Ok, not really, but still enough to rock the trailer and cause a windy roar.

So today is Friday and we’re hunkering down waiting for the wind to subside a bit.  Hard to do anything outside when the wind almost blows you off your feet!


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