Yay! No wind!

View from window at head of bed

Kili and I start the day watching the sunrise show, staring “The Sun”.






Then after coffee and breakfast we take a long walk so Kili can do *his* thing and we can generate some heat from walking.  Nights are cool, in the high forties and low fifties.  Nice and warm in the sleeping bag, but chilly on the tootsies outside of the bag!  Hate to turn on the furnace.  It’s the principle of the thing!



Interesting rocks from one morning’s walk…

On the walk I’m always on the lookout for some striking rocks and stones.

Here is the first collection of rocks..


Setting up for a week or so..











Today we finally got to set up camp without everything blowing away.  Kili isn’t sure he likes the whole fence thing, but he’s a good sport.  It helps that I can let him out with me and not have to have him on a leash.

Notice that I had to stuff “stuff” from end to end under the trailer so that Kili doesn’t use that as his escape route.  Now mind you if he really wants out, he will get out, but since it’s only used while I’m around it’ll do.

A true American made product!




K& D gave us an old-fashioned bag of flour made in their new hometown in Nebraska.  Thanks!  They told me that it’s not a modern factory at all, very old school.








Today was my technology challenge day.  While it was so windy yesterday I discovered that my inverter wasn’t working.  And the usb ports on my 12v plug weren’t working.  The 12v plug itself was kinda wonky too.  Discovered that my laptop would no longer connect to my phone hotspot.  Sheesh, if it wasn’t one thing it was another.  So Saturday was my day to try to fix things.  Turns out one of the connections in the transfer switch had come loose.  After taking everything off the bottom bunk so I could actually reach the transfer switch, that was taken care of.  Still can’t figure out the 12 plug, but that will wait for another day.  Got the satellite set up and working so that’s nice.  Took a bike ride with Kili next to me on his “walkydog” bike leash.  He ran his little heart out!  Never did figure out why the laptop network connector wouldn’t/couldn’t connect to my hotspot.  Figured that would be for another day.  Then went to watch TV and figures, CBS and NBC were no-shows even though I’d been seeing them on and off throughout the day.  Decided that it was time to read in bed anyway, so saved that for another day.



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