Hot Springs

Today started off sort of gloomy.  The Sun was being upstaged in her own production by those notorious Clouds!

We still took our long walk though…

And saw the Sun valiantly trying to assert her authority…  She won in the end for the most part and it ended up being a somewhat breezy, but mostly sunny day.  Yay for the solar panals!

In the afternoon, L & S suggested we go to the Hot Springs.  Never having been, and not even really knowing what it was, I asked to tag along.  Turned out great!

It was a Hot Spring that was open to the public on BLM land right next to the aptly named Hot Springs LTVA.

It’s basically an oasis in the desert, where they found a hot spring.  The nice part is they’ve built it up so that it’s not just a dirt pond, but a shallow cement rectangle and a deep cement rectangle.  So you can stand or sit, whatever your preference.  Be prepared to be sort of lethargic afterwards.  That hot water seemed to sap the life out of me!  LOL

Ok, forgot the pics of the rocks of the day:

While enjoying the sun this morning I decided to rearrange my “rock garden” I’ve been developing over the week.

Then I decided I didn’t like that as much and tried something else…

I took out all the smaller rocks and put them in my “keep” jar, and lined up the larger rocks in front of the fence, showing off the unique or interesting shapes and/or colors.

We did see something you don’t see to often, but since it was near the Hot Springs, it made sense… a Geothermal power plant.

You can find some information about it here:

We ended the day by running into town for a “few things”.  What with traffic and getting gas, and the obligatory run up and down every isle of the 99cent store, we got back around 6:30pm.  Kili, while, ecstatic I was back was also justifiably miffed at me and didn’t want to eat his dinner.  Even the treat I got him at the 99cent store didn’t totally get me back in his good graces.  Hopefully he wakes up happier with me.


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