Enough with the Wind!

Blustery, windy day yet again, but at least the sun was shining for much of the day.  Here’s the morning walk’s rocks plus a few I picked up later in the day.

So because it was so windy and relatively cold, we stayed inside the morning and finally ventured out around noon.  Took a drive to the Hauser Geode beds again, but from a different route, that was closer.  I don’t like to give up on things so I tried again.

This time it was a much nicer drive.  We went to the beds on one dirt road (Midway Wells road) and back on another (Milpitas Wash road).  I prefer the second.

The Midway Wells Road, very sandy one lane track. Doable, but washes throughout that slowed the speed to 10mph

There were several abandoned properties along the way.  Sad, because I had seen them on Google maps and thought to myself that it was a better route because if I got a flat or needed help it was relatively populated.

I had seen these markings on google maps like a picture meant to be seen from the air.  This is what it looked like from ground level.

A little bit later, it was a stark contrast in landscape.

Almost there….

And according to Google Maps, I had arrived…

Kili wanted to play ball after that long ride, so we did.

I played around at finding the geodes, but wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to be looking for.  I had read that you were supposed to look in the green volcanic ash, which I saw down in the wash.  I could also see where others had dug, so I sort of dug around there.  I didn’t come up with much though.

The wash is where you see the tree/scrub tops.  The land dips down into the wash where those are.  And that’s where the green volcanic ash is.

This is the road I took back. Milpitas Wash road… it was a lot nicer. Graded and you could keep up speed for the most part.

And since it was a long ride back, Kili was owed some more ball time.  This is why I have a dog.  Er, I mean this is why Kili has a human…

I LOVE Kili’s smile!

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