Owie, my eye!

I’ll catch up on the many days I’ve missed soon.  Just want to at least get the last few days caught up.  I’m at Lake Havasu right now, Craggy Wash.  I like it last year, but this year it’s not the best because I’m dealing with eye issues.  They started Tuesday when I got the bright idea to go back to the Geode beds one last time.  That is a story in itself so I’ll be adding that as I get time.

Anyway, that evening my eyes were hurting.  I had just put new contacts in that morning so I didn’t think it could be that.  I figured I just had a sinus headache, so I took some Sudafed and called it a day.  Woke up Wed. morning with a splitting headache, and decided to take my contacts out.  My eyes felt itchy and scratchy.  So out they came and I noticed my left eye was really red and extra painful.  I spent all day Wednesday nursing that eye with compresses and saline rinses, etc.  No joy.  I decided I wanted to get it looked at because it really felt like there was something in there.  Since the group was going to be going up to Havasu in the near future, I didn’t want to get left behind in Yuma by myself.  Maybe I should have.  In hindsight I probably should have since the group kind of found a spot far from where I am in Havasu, so in effect I’m feeling by myself anyway.  Oh well, coulda woulda, shoulda, right?

In any case I came up here Thursday and was at the urgent care center when they opened at 7am on Friday.  Turns out they “don’t do eyes”, regardless of what their website states.  Oh well…. despite their advice to go to Walmart and see the optometrist (honest to God, they told me that!!!!), I decided to go to the ER where they agreed that the eye certainly looked bad.  By that time, Friday morning, I had only light/dark vision in my left eye.  Like looking through a frosted window.  Scary.  They could not find any foreign object in the eye, though, which is what I was 99% positive it was.  Yikes!  So they referred me to the only ophthalmologist in town and made a same day emergency appointment for me.  Yay!  But for $1000 that seems the least they could do right?

Saw the ophthalmologist and he said that it looked to him as if my cornea had a reaction to a chemical.  The cornea was severely inflamed.  The highest on their inflammation scale….  (pats herself on the back)…. He confirmed that there was no foreign object stuck in the eye.  Well, huh!  Wonder when I got a chemical in my eye that I didn’t notice immediately.  Seems like you would, right?

Oh well, bottom line is he prescribed a steroid/antibiotic drops to put in the eye to bring down the inflammation.  Also some other eye drops to help with the pain.  Now getting those Rx was an adventure in itself because I’m by myself with no one to drive me, with dialated pupils and a blind left eye.  Lots of fun driving back and forth, up and down the Lake Havasu City strip trying to get that Rx filled, along with getting gas, picking up a package at Home Depot, and going back to the ER to get my military ID scanned in because I’d forgotten that Tricare was a secondary insurance!  Yikes.  That paid for the $1000 ER visit, thank you very much!

Got back to the trailer with my meds and a roasted chicken from Walmart around 2:30pm and finally got to take a breath.

So today is Saturday.  It’s late afternoon/early evening and my eye is no longer very painful.  Just a little niggling feeling that there is something in there.  Besides an eyeball!  And yay, I’m now looking through a lace curtain instead of a frosted window.  I can see!  But pretty blurry and white tinged.  It’s a huge improvement from yesterday though, so I’m very happy.  The doctor said it would take a couple weeks at least before my vision is back to where it should be.

So that’s my long-winded story of eye pain and worry.

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