Very Large Array – VLA

I left the Trinity Site around 11:30am and drove the 2 hrs to the Very Large Array, a short drive past Magdelena, NM .  It was a pleasant drive actually, even with the obligatory 30 mph going through the “village” of Magdelana.  Gotta love cruise control!

Got to the site and had to park the RV a ways away from everyone else, but that was ok.  There were a LOT of people there!  

Radio Telescope – VLA

They had guided tours every half hour, but nowhere did they tell you that you needed to meet in another building besides the visitors center!  LOL  And I was unfortunate enough to get one of those tour guides who speaks on the way and with a group of 25 or more only those right next to him got to actually hear his “guiding”.  It was kinda irritating to tell the truth.  


I finally gave up and left when they were taking everyone to stand right underneath the bowl of the antenna because I saw the person who helped set up the ESSP that I was attending on Wed and she said that they were going to actually take us up into the bowl on the tour during ESSP.  I thought that sounded kinda cool!   So I took a lot of pictures and the pictures below are from both tours.  BTW, the ESSP tour was a bust because we were unfortunate that after 6 months of no rain we got a cloudburst while we were on our tour just as we were getting ready to go up into the bowl….grrrrrr!!!!!  I was more than a bit upset about that.  I mean, it’s a long drive from Socorro – 90miles round trip at 8mpg and $3.65 per gal!!!

Anyway, I’m glad I did get to see it.  I wish I had had someone to share it with at the time.  That’s the bad part of touring alone.  Very Large Array Album Enjoy the pics! I’ve added some comments on many of the pictures so you may want to look for them.

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