Just In Time!

Had an eventful day today…or at least long.  It was due to get below freezing tonite so it was crunch time to get the RV winterized.  I had done a lot of it yesterday – empty tanks, hot water tank, and got the dinette taken apart to plug the bypass hose to the water pump.  BUT… when the wonderful man who works on our RV put the inverter into that small spot under the dinette seat that houses the furnace, converter/charger, and water pump, he moved everything around so it didn’t look like the pictures I’d taken and it ended up being impossible to connect the bypass hose where I had last year.

This year the only place available to connect it resulted in a same sex connection.  Might be ok for humans, but plumbing doesn’t like same sex!  LOL  And besides all that I had to wait on the antifreeze because my son went to Wally World to get it and was supposed to meet me at the storage site….an hour later, he calls and says the car is acting up again and won’t start. SIGH… so had to wait for my daughters to get home from classes and they picked him up, brought the antifreeze to me.  But by that time it was getting dark and the storage site doesn’t allow anyone there after dark.  SIGH.  So back to Wally World to see if the bad minivan would behave.  No joy.  Don’t want to call AAA at 9pm…not like the repair shop is open to tow it to anyway, so figure if it has to get stuck somewhere, where better than Wally World?


I decided to go back the next morning (this morning) and see if it was willing to play nice and if not call AAA.  Got there around 9am (which is like the crack of dawn to me btw) and after waiting 2 1/2 hrs FINALLY got a tow to the Midas shop.  Did manage to send dd to the Home Depot with a $10 bill and the bypass hose to have her pick up a female to female connector so if I ever did get back to the RV I could finish the winterizing.  And wonder of wonders, it costs less than 50 cents!  I’m so used to getting messed over by everyone that was a shocker.

And then of course the Midas shop (N. Academy and Austin Bluffs in Colorado Springs if anyone lives here) sees us coming and charges us a FREAKING $1,000 to fix a fuel pump!  The car is 12 years old and barely WORTH $1,000!  I was furious and dh didn’t want me going with him to pick it up because he probably knew I’d pitch a fit with the crooks!  Needless to say I don’t be taking ANY car there again.  It was the last straw.  And BTW, I had gone online and checked prices and there is no way in hell that it cost $1000 legitimately! No fuel pump costs that much and they had it fixed in less than 2 hrs after giving them permission to fix it.  So unless their hourly labor costs are $300/hr they screwed us over.  And that’s assuming they doubled the cost of a fuel pump to add insult to injury.  Okay, breathe deep, in and out, in and out…sigh…

Phew…anyway, the point of the whole story is that I finally did get the antifreeze in the water system and don’t you know it’s snowing out now!  Yay, something went right (gulp, well assuming I did everything right!  I HOPE!  LOLOL)  So, sorry for the long winded story, but hopefully it serves some purpose.  If there is anyone out there who has bad days/weeks/months you will at least know you aren’t alone.

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