Lake Pleasant

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Not really up to lengthy prose tonite, but I did want to get these up.  Kili is patient with me as I go from building to building, place to place, hooking up, unhooking, hooking up again, unhooking, filling with water, and fishing.  He did get some walking in both this morning and tonite so he wasn’t totally done ill by.  Just had a sad day…

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Gila Bend FamCamp

Kili and I ended up in Gila Bend Friday night and Saturday night.  We stayed at the Gila Bend Auxiliary Field FamCamp.  $10/night for full hookups.  Awesome deal!

Sorry that I didn’t get a better picture of the actual campground, but it’s pretty standard.  On the other hand, the sites were a bit farther apart than most, so that was nice.  But they WERE closer than I’d prefer so that wasn’t so nice.  LOL

The best part of the FamCamp was the surroundings.  So much open space to let Kili run and play ball, and lots of room for long, long walks and bike rides.  It was a very enjoyable stay and if all goes well we might just stop by again before we go home.

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A New Day

Started the day right by taking Kili for his morning walk/play time.  He did his obligatory fuzzing up at the neighbor’s obnoxious big barking dog.  These new neighbors with their generator on all night and obnoxious dog really solidified my decision to leave the noxious place.  But all was well once we got out of the main area and back into the hills.

This is Kili excited and waiting for me to throw the ball.  Hard to resist him!

He loves doing these athletic leaps into the air to catch the ball.  My back hurts sometimes just watching him twist in midair!

So we left Craggy Wash around 10am and I was pretty happy to see it in my rear view.  Last night D came down and chatted for a while.  Surprised the heck out of me.  But we got a bit cleared up and my feelings aren’t quite so hurt anymore.  I did go up and finally sit around the firepit with everyone and said goodby.  So all seemed nice.  But the damage is done for me.  While I’m happy to be friendly to them, they will never be friends.  Sad, but it is what it is.

Tried to stop in Quartzsite to dump my tanks, but they wouldn’t take a debit card, only cash, unless I spent more than $15.  Jerks.  So while I could have paid cash, I said KMA just on general principle.  I can pay $10 for a tank dump anywhere.  Since I’m at 75% on both black and gray, I’ll need to get them dumped probably on Monday.  Fun, fun.

Anyway, we stopped at a rest stop east of Quartzsite that was pretty nice.

Ate lunch and relaxed for a while and of course let Kili check all the P-mail at every bush and tree and rock!

We got to Buckeye Regional Park around 2:30pm and found what appeared to be the only spot left in the park.  Oops, forgot it was Friday!  So while I do NOT like the orientation of the site (the sun is on the door side all day) it will do.  It was very hot this afternoon.  In the 80’s and the sun beating down.  Nice, but not in the sun.

So basically all the awning does is keep the sun off the actual door.  It does NOT provide any shade.  Oh well, the side facing the street gets shade so will probably put the chairs there or maybe if there is shade under the picnic table I can use that.

Now tonite there is supposed to be a fancy moon and some lunar eclipse (but not a full one) AND a view of a comet.

So the skies got cloudy just before sunset and this is the pretty full moon.  Looked nicer in person, trust me.

That’s it for now.  If I can find info on where the comet is to be seen and if the skies cooperate maybe I can get a picture… lot of ifs unfortunately, so we’ll see.

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