RTR Day 1

Well, day 1 for me anyway.  I’ve been coming down to Arizona for 4 years to attend RTR.  Each year it gets bigger and bigger and this year it was pretty much out of control.

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So basically I gave up on the idea of staying there.  It would have driven me much crazier than I already am.

But today I wanted to go up to attend the Gold Prospecting Seminar, given by HDR or Mike.  It was pretty fair, but there wasn’t much I hadn’t already learned, more’s the pity.  Oh well.  I did get to meet some people that I knew already and I was able to pick up a handheld GPS for a decent price.  Well sort of… it’s an older model that can’t be updated with maps, but for what I want it for it should suffice.  That would be a GPS to put in gold claim coordinates.  And for that it shines.

I didn’t get it though until just before I came home.  In the meantime I got there around noon so I took a ride up to where I thought the GPAA claim near RTR was located.

I kept going until it got to where the track was not quite wider than the Beast.  So I gave up and turned around.  Guess I need to get a Mule to prospect after all!

And the star of the show….

And of course this morning’s rock collection:

It was a long day and we got back to the trailer just as it got dark.  So night-time walk and off to eat and wind down from the day.

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